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Paving Services

P&S Grading LLC is your premier choice for professional and exceptional asphalt paving services. We specialize in delivering a wide range of paving solutions, including new asphalt installations, asphalt repairs and resurfacing, parking lot construction, and new construction driveway installations. With our skilled team of paving experts, we ensure flawless craftsmanship and long-lasting results that enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your property.


Paving Services Include

  • New Construction Paving

  • Driveway

  • Road

  • Parking lot

  • Pavement Repair

  • Resurfacing

Whether you need a new asphalt surface for your commercial property or a driveway makeover for your home, P&S Grading LLC is your trusted partner for all your asphalt paving needs. Contact us today to learn more about our comprehensive services and schedule a consultation. Experience the difference of working with a dedicated team committed to excellence in asphalt paving.

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New Paving Construction

Enhance the functionality and visual appeal of your property with new pavement. Whether it's a residential driveway or a commercial parking lot, investing in high-quality paving ensures a smooth and durable surface that withstands heavy traffic and various weather conditions.


New paving construction can create a solid foundation that not only adds value to your property but also provides a safe and inviting environment for pedestrians and vehicles alike. 


New paving construction:

  • Driveway

  • Parking Lot

  • Road 

From precise site preparation to installation, our experienced team at P&S Grading LLC is dedicated to delivering exceptional results that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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Pavement Repair.jpg

Pavement Repair

At P&S Grading LLC, we understand the importance of maintaining and repairing your asphalt surfaces. Our asphalt repair services are designed to address any damages or deterioration to ensure the longevity and functionality of your pavement. Whether it's pothole patching or complete asphalt overlay, our experienced team utilizes top-quality materials and industry-leading techniques to deliver efficient and long-lasting repairs. 


Pavement Repair Includes

  • Asphalt Removal & Replacement

  • Resurfacing

We assess the extent of the damage, provide expert recommendations, and execute the repair process with precision and attention to detail. With P&S Grading LLC, you can trust that your asphalt repair needs are in capable hands, allowing you to enjoy smooth and safe surfaces for years to come.

Pavement Repair

Get A Paving Quote

Step 1: Contact and Provide Project Details

The first step in obtaining an asphalt paving quote is to contact P&S Grading LLC through our provided contact information, such as phone or email. During this initial conversation, you will discuss your project requirements and provide essential details, including the scope of the project, the area to be paved, any specific design considerations, and any existing issues that need to be addressed. This information will help us understand your needs better and provide an accurate quote.

Step 2: Site Visit and Evaluation

Once we have a clear understanding of your project requirements, we will schedule a site visit at your convenience. Our expert team will visit your property to assess the site conditions, take accurate measurements, and evaluate any specific factors that may affect the paving process, such as drainage, slopes, or existing infrastructure. This thorough evaluation allows us to provide an informed and precise quote tailored to your specific project.

Step 3: Detailed Quote Presentation

After gathering all the necessary information from the site visit, our team will create a quote based on the specific requirements and complexities of your project. The quote will include a breakdown of the costs. We will present the quote to you, either in person or via email, and take the time to explain each aspect, ensuring that you have a clear understanding of the pricing structure and the services included. We will also be available to answer any questions or address any concerns you may have regarding the quote or the project itself.

By following this comprehensive three-step process, P&S Grading LLC ensures transparency, accuracy, and customer satisfaction in providing you with a detailed asphalt paving quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pavinging Services

How long does an asphalt paving project typically take?


The duration of an asphalt paving project depends on various factors, such as the size and complexity of the area to be paved. However, most projects can be completed within a few days to a couple of weeks. Our team at P&S Grading LLC strives to minimize disruptions and works efficiently to complete your project within the agreed-upon timeframe.


How often should asphalt surfaces be maintained?


Regular maintenance is crucial for preserving the lifespan and appearance of asphalt surfaces. We recommend scheduling routine inspections and maintenance at least once a year. 


How long does newly installed asphalt take to fully cure?


While newly installed asphalt can be used shortly after installation, it takes time for it to fully cure and harden. Generally, it is recommended to avoid heavy traffic and parking vehicles on the surface for at least 24-48 hours. However, it may take several months for the asphalt to achieve its maximum hardness and durability.

What is the average cost of asphalt paving?

The average cost of asphalt paving can vary depending on various factors, such as the size of the area to be paved, the condition of the existing surface, accessibility, and any additional services required. It is recommended to obtain personalized quotes from reputable paving contractors to get an accurate estimate for your specific project.



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Are you in need of professional and reliable asphalt paving services for your commercial property?

• Trustworthy and experienced paving experts at your service
• Utilization of eco-friendly materials and practices
• Cutting-edge equipment and premium tools for exceptional results
• Efficient project completion to minimize disruptions
• Unmatched expertise ensuring outstanding paving outcomes

P&S Grading LLC is your go-to choice for all your commercial paving needs. Contact us today to request a free quote and experience the excellence of our paving services. 

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